At the time when most developers were converting land use from single family home’s to multi-story apartments, Greenbaum offered a different approach for what he was to name Boca Ciega Point.  In 1969 ground was broken and readied for development.  The original prospectus touted a “new concept” on Florida’s unspoiled West Coast, one story patio homes with a garage and waterfront access, all the advantages and privacy of a home and at the same time all the amenities and advantages of Condominium living….unheard of in 1969.This new condo concept soon attracted buyers, mostly from the mid-west, that purchased them as a second home to escape the harsh winters and falling temperatures “back home”. 

 His vision included a wide landscaped entrance plaza, flanked by two ornamental fountains, a serpentinebrick wall surrounding the entire complex to maintain privacy, an entrance gate, guard house and around the clock security guard.His concept and Robert Greenbaum’s design were so new and innovative and his reputation so solid that the units were sold from a site map before they were built, with the first buyers moving in during the early 70’s.Greenbaum’s shrewd business acumen is evident when you study the business model he put in place.  As each phase was completed he set up a self governing Association.  As one phase of development was completed and sold he went on to the next eventually completing nineteen Associations’ in all. 
Each Association elected two trustees and from this pool, six were elected to a Federation Board, who in conjunction with an on-site manager adheres to the Condominium Guidelines and Documents to conduct business for all unit owners.All of the recreation facilities however were a separate corporation with specific guidelines controlled by the developer, rented by the unit owners and maintained by the Federation.  It remains that way today some forty-odd years later.We now know as present residents, the wonders of the Bay, and the uniqueness of Boca as it is affectionately called; "the camaraderie of community" and that is why Boca Ciega Point has stood the test of time and remains today one of the best kept secrets in Pinellas County, enjoyed by each and every resident in sunshine and harmony.The Executive Board wishes to thank Aimee Gallucci for her time and research of Boca’s History.